Is your tribe working for you?

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The world of belonging has stretched itself. One of the greatest migrations we have today is the ability to find out where we belong far far away from where we began. There is the forced migration of individuals fleeing a dispossessed state of affairs that is out of necessity, however today, for us regular people, we don’t have to accept the culture or ideas we are born to, even if we never move. We have access to all sorts of weird and wonderful worlds. We just need to press the ‘Subscribe’ button.

I have felt the camaraderie of tribe. In fact, the year in India taught me how much I enjoyed a similar frequency with others. Strangers became instant close friends. I have also found a kinship with the Ayurvedic folks, drinking with co-workers in London pubs, live band buddies in my early days, road trip camping festival buddies in my later years. All of it validating.  It suited my personality of always seeking the new and wonderful. I was able to simply visit the tribe and move on.

I had often heard Dr Robert Svoboda remark about yogis moving around often, including himself, as they do not take on the karmas of the place they spend time in. Most of us do not have that luxury of just picking up when you feel like it. It also takes a much centred soul to not go crazy from all the movement.  As much as I believe myself to be independent, it is through comparison and comments from others’ that I realised how much I had absorbed the culture of the place or tribe I was attached to.  I started to wonder if I had my own thoughts at certain stages.


If there is the idea that you are a unique expression of the universe, within the laws of the elements, then it could naturally follow that there isn’t a grand design you can follow quoted by another, as much as any expert will try and tell and sell you. Their way suits them.

However should you be firm in your self knowing about what works, then any information you take in can be broken in parts and assessed. I have found that the world of knowledge works backwards in the business book world. We give the answers we believe people should know, backed by peer reviewed studies. We give the answers based on our own view (and past experience) of life.  And when we give those answers we do not know the situation of the person receiving it.

I have seen this done in yoga classes where the teacher has advised on taking a herbal remedy for a particular season without checking in to see how it affected the recipient of the knowledge.  I have seen variations of the same with recruitment agencies that will match a candidate by exact technical history without understanding the nature of the business culture or personality of the team. I have seen friends quit sugar then get bonkers drunk on a binge. I have myself experienced feeling spacey and overly sensitive after a mediation workshop with a famous yoga teacher in a room of 200 people and wonder if I was doing it wrong.

Are the experts in your experience giving you the space to reject all of part of their offering based on what you know about yourself?                  


In the small business world you could spend your free time learning things you think you need to know. Some of it is relevant and a lot of it isn’t. For you. Right now. I had to cut myself off all the workshops for a time as I was becoming a wiz in the vernacular and useless in manifesting. It was like packing for a backpacking trip with the idea that you have to carry EVERYTHING to only realise you only ever needed your credit card and passport.  And my most amazing trips were always just booked on the spot.

It would be a very refreshing thing to pick a one page how-to-business book that read PUT THIS DOWN AND START.

The small business world tribe can be addictive. I attended the very awesome World Domination Summit this year and although I believe what Chris Guillebeau does is of great value I decided to not return the following year BECAUSE I HADN’T STARTED ANTHING YET!  It came as a surprise to some of the attendees I had befriended. My response was that I will review the next level of workshops that I need when I have something to workshop.

Yes absolutely, when you choose a guide or workshop with a specific focus in mind and it speaks so directly to you that using that guide actually helps you to produce the work you intend, then of course. But this is a clear mind that is employing the guide and not the other way around.  If your intention is to just be social and travel around hearing different ideas then that’s a clear intention. But if you want to do something, you can feel that idea in your head burning, and each spare moment is taken with workshops that tell you how to get started – I see a bit of irony going on.



I’ve heard creatives state that they felt the best in their lives working for someone else because it gave them a structure and the rest of their lives followed suit. Others feel constrained and exhausted at the push and pull of demands and the lack of creative output that feels burning inside them.   It may appear that the first option means you don’t get to do your own work. However imagine that because of the stability and structure it provides, for some, they can consistently chip away at creating rather than in overwhelming spurts where other parts of life must suffer for the art.

How do you produce work? Do you just go with it and polish it up later or do you need an outline beforehand? Therefore would you seek guidance before or after work is done? Could you do well with Standard Operating Procedures that assist you in this part? (outside of a team where this is established). As a sole creative establishing the logistics, even before a team comes on board, will help to know where to fill the gaps, whether on the books or outsourced.


Do you notice the seasons affect how you produce? Does the Winter make you go so far inward that it’s better for just routine work or does it finally cool the heat down to calm the irritability? Given this example, would it therefore work better for the first situation to take on research and assessment than action in the Winter?  Matching your mood with the right action for your business is worthy of consideration.


Imagine coming to the party with your ideal situation – your personal logistics and best seasonal practises and letting others in your group know the details and then being held accountable to follow through. I’ve attended a couple of groups and noticed that when folks give advice they give it on the project at hand with little consideration for the person behind the project. We’ve all had experience of being in a scramble where, when we look back, we noticed that we should have handled a situation differently. We might have noticed that sometimes we tend to really shoot the output and other times, it seems to only come with the price of debilitating exhaustion and relationship troubles. It’s worth knowing your thrive times and getting support to foster them.


In Ayurveda we talk on needing space between meals for the process of digestion to do its work. Vacations provide the break from routine. Fasts or cleanses can offer the system the same. Having a Facebreak can do wonders for the social life. I also recommend a break from learning and even doing now and then. If you found a tribe working for you, factor in a break from it to give your mind space to digest it. If the tribe tries to keep you vested in case you divert elsewhere that might be a point worth considering. Even Netflix is confident enough to give you the Summer off.

5.       JOURNAL

Your own words, even if you’re not a writer, might give the most fascinating insight. I have found answers through writing in many areas of my life. As a practitioner I was trained to listen deeply to the insights the client already has about themselves.  Meditation is another method however it can feel too spacious for some and requires learning how to be very still. Journaling is accessible to most. Just writing each morning with no particular agenda, 1-3 pages, as a regular routine has some kind of magic powers that is well documented to connect the writer to their own thoughts. I highly recommend.