The substance in clothing to bring form to the Vata shape

When we describe the Vata shape it's the lightest and thinnest of the three body types. It can be really tall or really small, really big or really small features, or sometimes both. In general it's asymmetrical, which makes the body type interesting. Sometimes if there is more ether, then the nature of the person seems almost invisible, like a cloud that passed you by. They don't have a lot of natural colour but what they lack in vibrant blood or thick features they can gain in enthusiasm and natural excitement, as long as it's not thwarted by anxiety and fearfulness. There can be a fragility to the Vata personality that gains stature when there is faith in themselves. Whether it's connecting to their spirit world, which they do easily, or via their personal expression, whatever it takes to give them a sense of self confidence to calm the fear. Their groundedness comes from small amounts of heavy food, but due to their naturally lighter digestive fires, they might do well to look at structure via other means, such as routines and perhaps clothing!

So when looking at clothing options, designs that include intricate detail do well with a Vata frame. Well structured clothing does too. Where the natural personality may lack in ":keeping it together", you can rely on clothing to emulate that feeling for you. Interesting and unique design will also add to the already imaginative Vata personality. The body doesn't have natural curves so creating this with certain fabrics that can stand on their own will add extra "earthiness" by the illusion of mass.  Their ojas or immunity is not as strong as the other two doshas so they tire easily. Their projection may also weaken more easily and they generally don't carry a lot of muscle mass. This is where clothing can speak on their behalf. It can act as their front to give the impression of order and substance.

If a Vata person can stay in balance they have the ability to seem younger looking longer than the other two doshas because of their ability to move through "heavy" emotions easily, OR they can age quicker than the other two because of the natural movement into the Vata stage of life if they worry too much and run around too much. But they do lightness and playfulness the best. Keeping that lightness in your attire will remind a Vata personality to always come back to that natural joy. Sometimes heavy earthy clothing can be medicine for a short period, but remember your nature, which is a connection to the spirit of things.