A Yoga sequence inspired by WATER

by The Everyday Enlightenment Project


  • Observe the edges of your breathing pattern and let the top of the inhale and exhale smooth into each other. There are not definite lines.
  • Transitions should follow the breath with a grace and smooth quality that appears as dance.
  • Water will move with air, the slower the breath the slower your vinyasa should be and the more calming the practise. Increase the power behind the breath and the flow will be more like a fast flowing river, with power and force. Be mindful of your capacity.
  • Approach the practise with a cool and smooth attitude. Moon salutations cool the body down and calm a heated mind.
  • Set the scene for your practise with the qualities of cool, flowing, soft, fluid and heavy.
She was possessed at a young age
while standing on the shore of the east ocean (or was it the west)?
Salt water dewdrops on the fur of her cheeks.
Sand devoured her toes on the water’s edge.
Cold air poured into her tide pool lungs.
Ravens and gulls stood watching.

With one wave
the deep current dragged her out to sea.
Next wave stole her footprints from the sand.
There have been ten thousand more since you read these words.
Ten thousand waves, ten thousand footprints.

Along the way, seaweed grew between her toes and tangled in her hair.
Barnacles grew on her elbows and in the soft crevices behind her knees.
She’s swallowed bits of plastic, old lighters, and soda caps.
Starfish clung to her cheekbones and fish sipped at her eyes.

I have collected you all just by breathing.
I’ve grown many arms to gather you up.
I’ve grown many eyes to see many ways.
I tread water with ceaseless effort, for if I stopped to rest,
I would sink
and the starfish, and the seaweed, and the barnacles would lose their home.

She kicks and sweeps her arms through the heavy atmosphere
her chin tilted up.
The swelling tide; her heartbeat.
No one is in sight.
No boat, no being,above, outlaw stars cling to the fabric of the night sky.

And after ten thousand years she may let go.
And when she does, her body will be drawn to the center of gravity
Where her footprints hide within her own heart.
— Sweethome Teacup

the Everyday Enlightenment project

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