A yoga sequence inspired by EARTH

by the Everyday Enlightenment Project


  • Be still in the posture. Hold onto your energy and build it. Earth helps to add mass to the body and structure. Keeping still will keep the focus inward.

  • Cultivate the attitude of calm. Eyes downcast can help to bring the energy inward also. The breath should be long slow and calm being mindful of slowing down the pace between transitions and making them feel strong and grounded.

  • Emphasize the seat or pelvic area / muladhara chakra. And remember when using hands/feet to focus on the "grounding" aspects of your placement. Seated postures can help to stabilise apana vayu (downward moving /elimination energy).

  • Standing postures that encourage balance and stillness such as Vrksasana are beneficial as long as the posture can be attained and there is no wavering. Start on the ground and work your way up. Strength poses bring in the qualities of heaviness as they increase muscle tissue.

  • Set the scene for your practise with the qualities of heavy, dense, dull, cool, dry and stable.

Making this film was extremely collaborative and spontaneous, yet our focus was Earth and the feeling I had while making it was imbued with patience and calm. In all the poses, dirt was covering whatever touched the earth; my hands, feet, toes. It was cool and quiet. Many times my eyes were downcast and closed, so I waited without anticipation for Oh Prema to be done revolving around me with the filming. I felt to be the stable point very slowly changing, so slowly that it is imperceptible.  - Sweethome Teacup

Sweethome Teacup and Oh Prema explore Earth Yoga.

Oh Prema is mother, a yoga student and teacher, and a creative entrepreneur who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Contact her at ohwake@gmail.com

the Everyday Enlightenment project

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