Get comfortable with your schizophrenic self

by Sandra Radja

You went to see your Ayurvedic practitioner and got given a prakruti/vikruti assessment, left the office and saw the world in a whole new light.  Took some advice, implemented some changes, told others that you think you finally understood who you were for the very first time.  Made some lifestyle and diet adjustments and started to feel amazing. 

Then the seasons changed.  And it all went out the window.

There was some kind of statistic I heard that 80% of folks are dual dosha (meaning a combination of two doshas that have a significant impact on your physiology) and the rest comprised of single dosha and tri-doshic.  I have no idea how they know this but of course my thought bubble sees a really really ancient Ayurvedic doctor sitting at the end of the production line where babies are made and he's taking their pulses before the storks pick them up to take the kids to their parents and he writes down the results in the world book of facts.  

The point is the majority of us seemed to follow the dual dosha model.  Observing folks around me I would suggest it's true.  That means we have a split personality.   For any kind of profiling there is, of which I feel the Western astrology model likes to do with passion, it is not possible to be all those things suggested all the time.  For one it does not show how the negative aspects are triggered or the spiritual development of the punter or the stage of life they are in. The most ridiculous aspect is that you can know someone by asking them when their birthday is. We no longer pay attention to what stands before us using our senses to observe, we instead prefer to take an abstract model and project the idea onto a seeming white blank page. 

So you got your diagnosis.  Now take a full year to see it evolve.  See how you change from season to season and what ailments come up during that time.  Observe what happens when you don't adjust into the next season early enough, observe when you do. Notice what aspects of you thrive in one season to another.  Is it better to plan during Autumn and go inward or does the wind make you feel invigorated and alive and ready to take action? Should you create extra fun activities during the Summer to avoid an increase in intensity or does the Summer provide the power to  bring an idea to fruition? Most importantly, notice when you feel good what your personality is like and what makes you happy. When you feel good try and remember how you ate, what you are, activities you did, who you were around - this is your tuning fork to realign yourself. 

The journey of diagnosis is the beginning. Count on year one to observe, year two to prepare before the season and watch your seasonal ailments dissipate and year three to start to wonder why you didn't start this journey years ago. People will notice that you look good and you will tell them that the process of self-realization is worth it.