The creative Vata and the quest for freedom from the body

by Sandra Radja

The client - haphazard eating schedules that wax and wane with the needs of the creative output.  Late night eating and working through the midnight hours. The anxiety of creating at optimum each and every time.  The feeling that the whimsical and wild lead to the creation, as it has always done before, throughout history. To live on the brink of madness yields satisfactory results, with the body and sane mind sacrificed at the altar of expression.  That feeling, that, if you stop the wheel you might lose it;to miscarry an idea can lead to sure post natal depression.  

But something will have to give.

The worst words I can say as a practitioner in this situation is ROUTINE. It's like holy water to a vampire. Eat at the same time each day, go to bed around 10pm-ish and wake up before sunrise.  And all the anxiety and body pains and constipation and dryness and nervous twitching and fear will slowly dissipate. Which need is greater?  For a creative soul, unfortunately, the former will always win out because of the association of great art being linked to a wretched state of health.

So where does creation come from? Deepak Chopra talks of the concept of the gap.  He says it is important to have a fixed, unwavering desire, and then to let go of the details, to effectively hand them over to the sacrificial altar. It's like the idea of remembering a name.  You will remember it the moment you leave the room or change the subject.  Once the mind tires of trying to figure it out, in it's fatigue it creates space, or a gap, and in this gap comes the IDEA.

It's a case of the next big hit conceived in the shower or on the road.  Creatives inherently know this and carry notepads for this very reason, perhaps not understanding that their inspiration is not drawn from the erratic lifestyle but those moments when the mind has stopped trying.  

All this desire to TAP INTO something greater than ourselves is about letting go. Meditation is a tool that can take you there. So is time spent in nature  or anything constructed that takes you away from the intense desire. With sound body and mind you can have MORE opportunities to create.  The cage can be your freedom or your prison.  

Pain is a wonderful teacher of the barriers in your own mind. You came into this world in pain, why go looking for it?