A yoga sequence inspired by FIRE

by the Everyday Enlightenment Project

This video very much had the quality of fire imbued in its process of being made. Form without substance. The creative process was spontaneous, with flashes of insight, enlightening form born from the sparks of emptiness.

The sequence prepares one for the practice of Kapalabhati Pranayama, Skull shining breath.

We begin with warming up the spine, the vertical channel with upright cat cow rocking forward and back on the sit bones.

Transition into a circular motion warming the spine on the horizontal plane.

Spinal twisting transforms a circle into a spiral and all growth and evolution functions in this way.

Two dragons dance with the pearl. The arms draw the essence of life force from the central channel and the heart into the hands. This is the process of concept becoming form. From the heart (intention) to the hands (action).

And then offering that up to the highest by weaving the arms together into The Eagle, Garuda.

Kapalbhati, Skull shining breath, energizes and stimulates. It cultivates the element, Agni, Fire.

Whenever fire sacrifices are made Svaha is chanted.

The Fire is the vertical river to The Heavens which is a reflection of this Sacred Earth and vice versa.  SVAHA.

the Everyday Enlightenment project

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