Part III - Stages of our lives via Vata/Pitta/Kapha

by Sandra Radja

We will experience OUR version of all three doshas as we move through our lives. Since there is more Kapha in childhood, more Pitta in adulthood and more Vata as we turn older, wiser and lose colour in our skin and hair, you will notice more of the energy of a phase of life depending on your personal make up.

For instance, if you naturally have a lot of earth and water, you may find childhood a little challenging, as in it may be hard to keep up with others and there might be respiratory, weight or stagnation issues.  But say you own it and figure out how to manage the symptoms through diet and lifestyle, the firey Pitta time of adulthood will show how much stamina you have, then the Vata senior years will be sweet as you are strong to withstand the ravages of natural decay in the body and mind, so much easier than someone that has Vata in their system.  

And so on for the other doshas.  It is mindful to note where your tendencies lie, and in this way make effort to do the opposite. Kapha in childhood should move.  Pitta in adulthood should not overwork.  Vata in eldery years should slow down.


We are born and come into this world, ideally, with a thick wad of juicy, water-like existence.  We flow with basic human needs of eating, pooping and sleeping.  We get nurtured and protected as we form our structure to face the world as an adult. This is the time of our lives when we can experience a mucousy existence and all manner of sickness to build our immunity.  It is the thickness and dense exterior that forms to be able to stand the punches and life lessons later on.   We are also forming structure in our minds; we are a blank white page ready to absorb impressions from our surroundings. We observe mannerisms and learn how to interact in the world.  We rely heavily on others, for identity and protection.  


Who am I and what am I going to do in my life?  The heated transformation of teenage years and it's insulting oily acne and inflammation, staying up late and training the synapses of the brain to fire rapidly, whilst confined in the restricted strangulation of the school yard discipline.  The boyhood tendency of violence for manhood and girlhood inspired self-understanding through sexuality to define her ever changing body, we have the beginning of the next phase - the Pitta phase of life.  

We take the formation and use it as a guard in order to bring passion to our lives.  It becomes about decision making and the struggle to express yourself and learn who you are; to fight against injustice or fight the inner judgement.  It becomes about pushing through boundaries or just honing the willpower to get up everyday to keep moving forward.  It's the hustle and the rush to compete. You came here with a story to tell and desires to fulfill.  This is the time of your life to really give it your best college try.  The attributes of intensity are most ripe at this stage. We are in a constant state of refinement and learning and doing.


Reflection.  It's menopause for women and for men when they cease working. The fire dies down and along with it the desire to have to prove (ideally).  The skin becomes thinner, the senses dull as the attachment to the earth starts to wane. We are in a process of decay; the fire in the belly cannot digest what it used to.  The skin is dry, constipation may become problematic, bones may break and the mind becomes forgetful and too spacious.  However if there has been care for the mind and body during the life, these issues may be minimal.

A lifetime of experiences and learning grows wisdom, which is the ability to use the least amount of energy to achieve the most amount of gain.  Perhaps there is a connection to spirit and if so, the ability to connect to the ether is greater.  The world is now internal.  This is a time for teaching the new generation, for acting as a spiritual support to complete the circle of life.  It's a time to make peace and tell stories, to finally enjoy the fruits of your labour.  It's the ultimate letting go, the cycle of Vata moves you from one plane to the next to start and we may start the cycle again.