Blue charged coconut oil for sunburns and other ideas

by Sandra Radja

Hot.  Summer in my local town of Castlemaine is hot, like bushfire hot.  Like swimming with tiger snakes in the local reservoir hot. In the hot Aussie sun your skin will burn if you're not careful. There are many remedies your mum has told you to help with sunburn like fresh yoghurt or aloe vera gel which I personally think works better with the actual plant rather than the store bought variety.  Well here is another.  

In Ayurveda we use colour therapy which uses the vital forces of the sun to impart the vibrations of a colour to the oil, when exposed to the sun.  The colour blue provides coolness to the system.  If there is dryness and irritation due to an excess of heat, using an oil infused with blue colour will cool the system down.  It is excellent for sun burn and insect bites.  Light massage with the oil is also good for boils, ringworm, and eczema.  Apply on the forehead for high fever, falling and premature grey hair, as well as insomnia. Now in terms of insomnia, I would think it would be the "thinking" kind of insomnia where you're plotting and scheming and organizing leading to too much intensity.  In the case of excessive bleeding during menstruation, rub it on the belly.

In various stages of undress, the coconut blue bottles are slowing warming up in the morning sun.  These jars have been sitting in the sun for the recommended 45 days to absorb the essential amount of "blue" energy for it to be effective.

Blue, indigo and violet are the colours of space and therefore they aggravate Vata, but calm both Pitta and Kapha.


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