The natural law of self-creation

“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.”


Individuality is not meant to be efficient, it's meant to provide a unique lens on the world to add to the pie. We are not here to conform but to show the world that perspective is a kaleidoscope and we are better for the diversity. We can see that we're different but the west hasn't grown up with a language to understand how those differences can provide deeper understanding, rather than war.

We need more diversity. We need 7.5 billion strong, unique individuals that know how to live well and have clear, peaceful minds.

The people are the ones that allow change via government. We are the ones that raise generations, make beautiful cities and become conscious about how we treat our environment. If you want to know what the next movement is, take a look on the streets, the urban landscape has stories tucked in it's alleyways.

The DIY programs available highly encourage your own creative eye on the topic. There is no directives issued in the workbooks just the essence of the Ayurvedic natural law. Ideas are given on diet and lifestyle options, your own are encouraged. The books are simply a guide to inspire what's already inside you, possibly unknown, possibly forgotten.

People find decision making difficult. It’s because we haven’t been taught to use our bodies and senses to our advantage. This is one way.