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To reassure our clients, contractors, employees and others, whose personal information we gather in the conduct of our business, that we recognise and respect their right to privacy and we will do all that is reasonable and legally required to preserve that information and only release it to other parties with their knowledge and approval.   

Guiding Principles

As part of our business activity and the services that we provide, Ayurveda +WORLD will inadvertently obtain some personal and business data, which is subject to privacy and restricted release.  Any such data collected, that is not public knowledge, will be:

  • Securely stored and protected by limited and authorised access
  • This data will be kept by us for no longer than 7 years
  • Will be used for the stated purpose and with person’s knowledge
  • Used by Ayurveda +WORLD personnel to contact the person / company
  • Will be made available to its owner on request
  • Will be released:
    • To third party on owners request and / or approval
    • To the authorities with a court order
    • For health and safety reasons – to doctors, hospitals, etc
    • If and when legally obliged to do so

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Date Issued: May 1, 2014   (Version: 01 )                                                                                                               Approved by:    Sandra Radja (Owner – Ayurveda +WORLD)