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ayurveda +WORLD

Initial Consultation

AUD $175 (75 mins plus 60 mins Return of Findings session 2-7 days later).

Includes - 

  • A diagnosis of Prakruti/Vikruti via an Ayurvedic framework. I will explain what it means in real terms as to how Ayurveda views your symptoms as an imbalance in relation to your innate constitution. 
  • A generalised Treatment Program (see topics covered below) for you to take home from the Return of Findings session. A snapshot is taken as to what diet and lifestyle changes are needed to bring you back to balance. If you are versed in Ayurveda and understand how the doshas can change with season and other external factors this may be enough. Otherwise you may need further care and education by enlisting me to help you incorporate those changes with a package or single visits below.

Sessions available via Skype.

Follow up Visits

All follow up visits must include the Initial Consultation to determine the Treatment program.

  • SINGLE 1 x visit (AUD $95/1 hour visit)

Single sessions are directed by you, in terms of time availability and consistency. It requires a more disciplined approach. I do not provide access via email between sessions as the distances between sessions can be too great but this approach is great to start off with small changes that can be very effective.  

  • SINGLE TOPIC FOCUS- 4 x weekly visits - AUD $340 ($85/1 hour visit)

We cover an area that you are interested in creating for yourself, whether it's your daily structure, specialised yoga, or your diet. The nature of the 4 week package is to focus on an area and redesign your life focusing on what works best for your body type. I include written recommendations after each session. This also includes unlimited email correspondence between sessions on the topics advised in my recommendations.                               

  • HOLISTIC VIEWPOINT- 12 x weekly visits- AUD $900 ($75/1 hour visit) 

Packages encourage a commitment to your health and to transform your life. Within this framework you are taught how to care for yourself to understand the root cause of your disease - I ultimately train you to become self sufficient. With the purchase of a package, I require you to initially commit to weekly sessions, moving to fortnightly/monthly as I assess.  I have found the immersion principle to be the most effective in creating a transformation. I highly recommend the commitment as it carries you through when obstacles appear. I include written recommendations after each session. This also includes unlimited email correspondence between sessions on the topics advised in my recommendations.

After the purchase of a package, any one-off visits thereafter will be charged at the unit price per visit.  

Sessions available via Skype.

Treatment Program

You are an INDIVIDUAL with your own unique constitution.  After the initial consultation, a treatment plan is recommended, which can include all or some of the below to help make the necessary changes needed to bring you back to balance.  You will learn about the ideas behind my recommendations so you can make your own informed decisions. I teach you how to help yourself so you rely on me less. Your treatment plan is constructed using the 5 sense therapies, yoga and meditation instruction as well as herbal protocols, if appropriate.  Regular follow up visits help to cement new food and lifestyle habits and also help me to refine your protocol as we unearth any resistance.  In the Return of Findings meeting, after the Initial Consultation, I will help explain how the program generally works and what you can expect.

  Photo by   Brooke Lark   on   Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

TASTE is categorized into six types - sweet, salty, sour, pungent, bitter and astringent and relates to the water element.  Each taste has qualities that affect the mind and body.  Diet is an integral part of Ayurvedic treatment and each individual is assessed according to their unique needs. We break down each food category and you will learn why some foods work for you and some don't and also learn why it's important to observe how you eat as much as what you eat as well as create a structured plan for how you get the food each week and how you store it. We focus on the bigger picture right down to the enjoyment of the meal. 


SIGHT is defined as visual perception and is related to the fire element. Color Therapy is a subtle tool used for impressing physiological changes in the body through the sense of sight.  It has a profound effect on the mind and wearing or favouring one colour over another can give an insight into your personality and behaviour. Ayurveda uses colours according to the qualities inherent in them and what part of the personality needs motivating or reducing. A sense of style is explored in this area with a review of your own home and work space.


  Photo by   MARK ADRIANE   on   Unsplash


SMELL is related to the Earth element and it's a good way to determine how grounded you are. Nasya (medicated nasal oil) is a wonderful way to deal with issues of the neck and head.  It clears sinus passages and reduces tension. Pranayama (breathwork) are also very important in a daily practise to clear pathways in the body for circulation and energy (prana) to flow freely. Aromatherapy is a tool used to affect the mind in the form of spritzers, incense, compresses, aromatic baths, and even your daily environment.


  Photo by   Chinh Le Duc   on   Unsplash



SOUND therapy is based on the premise that all matter consists of vibrations, so we use vibrations to make an impact on substance such as our physical body. Sound relates to the space element. Sounds change consciousness and a common use of sound therapy is to effect relaxation by listening to mantras or music.  Another way is Yoga Nidra, a form of auto suggestion to induce relaxation for the body and mind and allows the mind to become more receptive to desired change.  


  Photo by   Andrew Branch   on   Unsplash


TOUCH is treated via massage, either through bodywork or via self-massage and relates to the air element.   The skin is a large digestive organ that can absorb herbs into the bloodstream.  Oil, in Sanskrit, translates also as love and the self nourishment that is provided gives many benefits to not just a smooth and firm skin tone but also a feeling of satisfaction and groundedness, which is especially important as we move on in years. Ayurvedic body therapies can assist with your healing process by utilising the skin as a vehicle for digesting herbs via medicated oils or simply using the heavy and unctuous qualities in the oils alone. It also helps encourage elimination by stimulating the lymphatic system.  


  Photo by   Chinh Le Duc   on   Unsplash


HERBS are used to help quicken the desired effects.  Ultimately we want to work towards a diet and lifestyle that sustains our personal well-being however sometimes in the beginning herbs can just move things along quicker.  In Ayurveda, we use herbs to help alleviate symptoms but also to eradicate the root cause of disease, which is a different approach to western medicine.  I use whatever herbs are convenient in your area and is easily accessible. Using kitchen spices can help in creating your own formula for basic digestive needs.


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YOGA as a daily practise.   Different from your regular yoga class, specific postures or breathing practises may be recommended as therapy for your particular concern. You will have a specific sequence created for you to practise at home, starting off slowly and building to a manageable routine. You will learn how Yoga can work for your specific body type and what's appropriate to bring you back to balance and then how to accommodate seasonal variations. You will also appreciate the effort taken to create your own sacred space at home.