The Morning Routine Project

The Morning Routine Project

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How you introduce someone to a crowd is known to have a strong influence on influencing someone to certain qualities. Depending on the credibility of the host, you may not even check whether their claims have substance. And this introduction will tend to have a lasting influence. Instagram is built on the idea of influencers.

The problem is that the product or service may not be for you.

Each day we set off to create things and interact with people. We are bombarded by sensory impressions and it takes a lot of effort to be constantly aware in every situation so that you don’t feel drawn into unsavoury activities. How you set your shield, so to speak, in the morning can protect you for the whole day. A lot of us get out of bed and rush through our mornings to make it to work or school without creating this protective coat and we may feel like the world is pushing against us, literally on public transport and figuratively with demands from bosses. It may feel like a total lack of control.

The Morning Routine Project is aptly named because it is a reminder to construct your morning like you would a recipe for a meal, adding and subtracting activities as you see fit, but always conscious that the very subtle and life giving time of early morning is especially magical - it provides the window to help you re-create who you want to really be.

If you want to change your life, the morning time, according to Ayurveda, is the time to set things in motion.

In this book you will learn -

  • The importance of how to set your right attitude in order to create a routine.

  • The habit-making formula of Cue-Routine-Reward and how to incorporate it through an Ayurvedic lens.

  • Examples of Morning Routine activities explained by Body Type to adopt in your daily care routine.