The Urban Therapy Tour

The Urban Therapy Tour

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The Urban Therapy Tour

A unique way to learn how to take the qualities of nature and use them for personal healing without leaving the urban setting.

The natural setting is certainly the right one for healing to take place but that may only occur a few weeks a year. The majority of your time may be spent in the big smoke, so why not create the most conducive environment you can, to live the best wherever you’re placed.

The Ayurvedic philosophy describes the five elements of nature as symbolic building blocks. Those elements can be described as having ten qualities and their opposites. The external environment is made up of those building blocks and so are we. Therefore if we know ourselves well enough (see The Body Type Analysis) to describe our qualities, then we can use the information in the local environment to help us thrive. If we tend towards heat, then living in a hot environment means you need to do extra work to keep cool, or at least have a very good imagination to create the idea of cool.

This is where this book can assist. A strong imagination can create worlds where none existed before. The very ultimate in healing is to adapt where you land, using the resources at hand, and to make it your own. A tree is not just a tree, it can be a cool shade or a strong support to lean against.

Every city in the world starts to take on a personality, as a result of the collective influences of it’s inhabitants. It has arterials similar to the venous system in our own bodies. It has different expressions of itself in different quadrants. Broken down, a city is not one place but a collection of sub cultures forming pockets. Each of these pockets may offer a quality that may assist in your healing just as different parts of your body type simply needs the right environment to allow it to bloom.

Bring back the art of wandering. Just roam in your town. The aim of this book is to open your eyes to opportunity and fresh perspectives. This is an invitation to be your own creator, to incite enthusiasm in the ordinary.

What you can expect from the workbook -

  • How nature is made of the 10 qualities and how we use them in Ayurveda symbolically and the importance of imagination in healing.

  • An introduction into the art of wandering, via psycho-geography, and why it’s an important factor in your well-being.

  • Twenty qualities and how to use them to heal in your town.