The Ayurvedic Diaries (remedies)

The Ayurvedic Diaries (remedies)

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The Ayurvedic Diaries (remedies)

Basic diet and lifestyle protocols for the 7 variations of Body Types.

The Ayurvedic Diaries (remedies) offers ideas around how to create the mindset of helping yourself to heal at the early stages of imbalance. It follows on from The Ayurvedic Diaries, whose purpose is to teach you how to look for signs and symptoms at a basic level. Ayurveda believes that when we attempt to heal at the digestive stages of disease, it is a lot simpler to reverse the trajectory of imbalance. If we can become habitual at this, then we can take control of our well-being.

There are seven options in body type computations offering ideas over a 3 week period. This is simply a guide since the variations per person are unique. They are gentle tweaks but have profound understanding when taken seriously. Every time you dive into this kind of understanding, more layers of yourself reveal themselves to you. This is a self realisation path and by simply asking the right questions and experimenting, possibilities become greater; you start to see your potential to heal everywhere, where it may have felt hopeless before.

Please note - this e-workbook can be purchased separately or purchased with the Ayurvedic Diaries, as a combo.

What you can expect from the workbook -

  • An explanation of how each of the body types works with making changes.

  • Remedies for 7 variations of the body types.

  • 3 week recommendations for simple diet and lifestyle adjustments for each of the 7 body type variations.