Save money for a Vata remedy

When Vata is too high he likes to spend excessively. Excitement + money = lots of ways to create movement outward.

The hardest feeling for Vata, when out of balance, is containment.

Putting even the smallest amount away on automatic savings is a massive credit for Vata dosha, for their state of mind. 

Teach your Vata kids how to save their money and then consider deeply how they wish to spend it. One way is to find out their big picture ideas.

I met a young girl who impressed me greatly. She was 14 and working at the local bread shop part time outside of school. I asked her what she spent her money on and she said nothing, she was saving it for a horse! I asked how much the horse was, and she said $10,000. I made a snide comment that it would take a long time to reach her goal on $10/hour. She replied - I've been saving all my Christmas and birthday money and all of my work money since I was 8. I have $5000 already.


She was a Pitta child I will tell you but still nevertheless impressive. Especially since she was surrounded by a strong culture of teenage peers wanting to spend on trivialities.

Creating healthy money habits reduces the fear around it, makes a person feel independently strong, and it also makes them conscious consumers. It will also help with the dispersing quality Vata has of letting things fall through their fingers.

Vata must learn the habit of holding on.

Sandra RadjaComment