Sanchaya (accumulation)

Sanchaya, or accumulation, is the first and most important stage of the disease process.

  • Sanchaya of Vata happens because of the cold quality.
  • Sanchaya of Pitta  happens because of oily and sour qualities.
  • Sanchaya of Kapha happens because of cold and heavy qualities.

Your sense of accumulation is subjective. It is a practise and one that is imperative in preventative care. When the accumulation hits more than your Prakruti can bear, it flows over into the circulatory channel and goes from there.

Society will give you ideas about what to eat by seasons but Ayurveda wants you to be even more in tune with yourself and watch the rise of things daily, moment by moment.

Do you know your sweet spot of accumulation before it flows over?

Sandra RadjaComment