Hairstyles via dosha

I witnessed a Vata-ish person tell a Pitta-ish person they should change their hairstyle. 

(I went to take cover under the table).

You will know the Pitta's around us because they have straight, efficient, doesn't change much (because it's efficient) hair. It grows a little longer, then gets cut a little shorter...but that's it.

And they like that - it works with the compartmentalizing of how their mind works.

Vata's hair, on the other hand, can't grow quick enough to change to a new hairstyle. They are the adventurous, literally, the kinky ones.

Kapha has the kind of hair to climb towers with, that disney writes sonnets for.

But don't tell Pitta she should change her hair (without ice cream handy).

Sandra RadjaComment