Day 4 - No complaining challenge

"The enormous old demon awoke with a sneeze and then, with sleep-eyelids heavy, he calmly asked the Soothsayer what he wanted. The Soothsayer explained the problem of the dreams and asked the demon to leave his people alone so they could return to a normal life. The Demon of Sleep, unable even to recall which people and which village the Soothsayer was referring to, said, “I’m not the one who goes after people; it is always the people who come after me.”  

excerpt from - The Elightenment of the Greengage Tree by Shokoofeh Azar (ps really fantastic book I recently read, highly recommend!)

TIP - watching the news report or anything miserable will put the habit in your mind to go seeking disaster. There is a fine line between knowing facts that may impact your daily life to seeking out information for the sheer drama of it. Being conscious to observe the difference as part of your auditory and visual 'food' is worth an investigation.

Sandra RadjaComment