The tide of your disease

So you know the problem, you've got an Ayurvedic assessment and you've put things into place. So what the hell, why aren't I fixed?

The extent of disease depends on the momentum that has been created. If it’s a long time, there’s a long momentum to be reversed. I once heard someone give advice on how long it “should” take to get over a relationship. She was in it for a year and advised it would take 7 years. I beg to differ - your ability to reform depends on your internal fire. You can cultivate the fire of transformation and no one has a right to give you a determinate number - that’s between you and the almighty. It might feel like pushing uphill, but one way out of the eddy (as they tell you whitewater rafting) is to go sideways. Relax and float sideways.

Momentum loses energy when there’s nothing to push against. And your digestive fire works best in a restful mode.

Your healing time frame is your own - know the logic of transformation. There's a science to this too.


Sandra RadjaComment