The gender wars

"Instead of this absurd division into the sexes they ought to class people as static and dynamic." Evelyn Waugh

There are times that I read an article and it describes women as one way and men as the other, sometimes referring to the qualities of weak and strong, or nourishing and void of emotion. It is convenient to create a world (of protest, to market to, to create government policy for) when we only have one axis of Man/Woman in relationship to the other axis Age/Time of life.

I spoke with a neighbour who analyses data collected and her biggest annoyance was the collection of data for organisations that don't know what to do with it - the collection of data seems to be a matter of habit.  Back in the good ol' days we we much more able to be molded into categories for society to be created upon. These days, individuality is the necessary point of differentiation to succeed (read: double the population in a short matter of time).

So. When you receive stats/studies or conversation telling you who you are as woman or man, think twice on whether it suits you. 

I will posit this - are we asking the right questions currently?

Sandra RadjaComment