Anger and her flight

Lucky you if you have enough Kapha (earth/water) in your constitution that you can watch the anger rise in slow slow motion. You have enough time to observe it creeping up your spine as it  gathers enough force to bellow dandelions naked.

In the momentum, you have a chance to reason with anger. 

If there is too much wind carrying the arrows of fire speech (without the earth or water to hug the hell out of it's soul), then words break hearts open, split family trees apart and crush the backs of fragile dreams, all in a lightening flash.

The arrow is out before you considered another side to the story.

It's usually fear that drives anger (the wind behind the fire ). One way to stop the arrows firing off is to get into a habit of compassionately asking yourself - "What am I afraid of?"

You might find that tears released stop the carnage. This is a great time to treat yourself :)