Core work and gassy yoga belly

You know, sometimes it's not the amount of leg raises or Pilates core work that will strengthen your mid section but sorting out the bloating and gas digestive issues. There's a reason you may not be making headway in the toned belly department. And you might be making your lower back worse if it needs to take the weight the abdomen can't.

Ayurveda can really help yogis to go a lot further in their practise. 

I saw some ad on Instagram where the women arise in the morning and do a yoga practise immediately and I'm thinking, hey! where's the bowel movement ladies! 

I've met a few constipated yogis in my time, I used to be one of them. I don't think the yama/niyamas make mention of a regular bowel movement before spirit work but they should. I get the feeling ashram life may have provided a lot of the basics we don't see before our Western style yoga class.

Ayurveda is an excellent compliment.

Sandra RadjaComment