Be contrarian

When Dr Svoboda visited Sydney a few years ago, he mentioned the yoga age we were in, kali yoga. Like the world is upside down and those that revel in the gross base of emotions seem to wield the power. His advice was to be contrarian. To be in the opposite of the current flow.

In fact I challenge you to try it, even in small ways. You may get to observe what a tide feels like, and how easy you can get swept up in it. To be healthy requires following what's best for you, but if society is moving a different way, then you need a bucket load of self confidence to go your own way.

Ideas - 

  1. Don't watch tv or read the news.
  2. Leave the pub early telling everyone you need to get up before sunrise.
  3. When someone asks how you are, say you're really happy.
  4. Smile on a Monday. Actually just walk down the street any day smiling.
  5. Quit your job and go travelling - let your colleagues know you'll just find another job on your return.
  6. Eat alone in a restaurant without your phone.
  7. Remember someone's name you just met. Say goodbye by their name.
  8. Openly support the younger generation. Tell them often you've got their back.
  9. Wear bright colours in a dark city.
  10. Give up alcohol.

"Anti-social behaviour is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists." Nicola Tesla

Sandra RadjaComment