Resting Bitch Face (RBF)

I love this expression.  I've seen photos of myself wearing this, I've sat across from others on the tram that may qualify. In fact today observing across from me on the tram I thought about the insides of RBF and the reason for this - a sour expression could be related to excess Pitta on the insides, so it's not that a woman doesn't want to smile - her insides might be making it hard for her to do so. 

I wrote an article on gallbladder and women awhile back. I started to notice it was common enough to have a gallbladder removed and yet when I tried to find stats on it, there wasn't much about, just opinion from some practitioners, but nothing substantial as to whether there was an increase in gallbladder removals - just seemed like every female client for a time there didn't have one.

The gallbladder is related to the liver in Ayurveda - ie Pitta organ, which can be abused from physical substances increasing Pitta dosha but also from excess heated emotions such as anger.

We are only starting to talk about the need for women to talk. The demure woman is no longer in fashion - looks like there might be some raging going on for some time until the wounds surface. Then, God willing, we will let the water back in, Kali will put down her knives, and a gentle new order created.

As I recently heard, anger is not an ideal emotion to hold onto for too long, but it's infinitely better than despair.

Sandra RadjaComment