Breaking down your healing in two parts

In self care management, how do you preferred to be treated?

  1. You trust the physician to know what's best for you and decide on the course of treatment.
  2. You would like to learn about your self and get better at making your own decisions and be guided more than healed.

Consider this on a spectrum of acute to preventative care. In some areas of your life, you are so knee deep that every time you have tried to make a decision it seems to dig you deeper. In other areas, you resonate with the guidance given, like a remembering or a knowing feeling.

Gross to subtle.

The second option requires energy and courage. It takes energy to transform and courage to face truths. So you can take your healing in 2 parts. This is just a reminder that when you no longer need the band aid, there is more work to do, if you want to.

Sandra RadjaComment