How the body types smell

Smell is related to the earth element so the more earth in the body type, the better the smell.

Smell is memory, it has a way to trigger things.

It's the backdrop of a setting - walk into an abattoir and it will be difficult to find anything cute or amusing or clever - hey I really like the gates I passed through on the way, did you use a local artist?

It can bring us closer or further apart from someone. I spoke with a friend recently who ended a date because of the overwhelming perfume the other party was wearing.

  • Vata can suffer from lack of smell, which could be part of why she may feel lonely at times, especially as smell can bring the picture into smaller details.
  • Pitta has a problem with chemicals or anything that makes it inflame. Smell can make Pitta irritable. It's important for this type to have a sweet aromatherapy handy so they can chill out on the sourpuss face.
  • Kapha can smell memories. To her, smell lingers and draws her deep into the sentimentality of an object. Th earth provides an abundance of wafts and transportations and changes of weather. It seems exciting to me that if we learned how to smell correctly, our immunity would increase, our sense of belonging become indivisible, our sense of movement in tune with the rhythm of the earth.

You can start the practise on a nature walk - stop now and then, close your eyes and smell. See if you can differentiate.

Sandra RadjaComment