Your liver during ovulation

For some women, ovulation can be a difficult time. There is a german word for it called mittelschmerz - literally, pain in the middle (of the month). Since ovulation is a Pitta time of your cycle - why you have the passion you need to want to have sex to make babies - those that have physical Pitta issues may experience an intensity around that time that feels uncomfortable.

Short term is introducing bitters, like aloe vera, to clear the liver before ovulation begins.

Long term is easing up on ambition, having more fun to loosen up, avoiding arguments and impractical critical thinking.

Sex is also a healthy part of our wellbeing, if appropriate for you. Sex, in Ayurveda, is always encouraged in a loving relationship. Repressing the sexual urge is seen along the same lines as repressing urination or defecation. 

Sandra RadjaComment