Eating for their kids with different body types

I heard this one enough in practise. Once the mama derived benefit from following the triggers of her body type she wanted the best for her kiddos. Sometimes she wanted to give her kids an appointment, other times it was just asking me how to best cook for them. Kids are in the best time of life to form habits. They are in the Kapha (structure) time of their lives so what they absorb during this time can set themselves up for life. 

Here are some ideas to think on - 

  • Don't force feed kids food they don't like. Eating food with a sour disposition can turn food to toxins. Remember ingredients need the right environments to transform to good energy. Bad moods make for obstructions.
  • If you have learned how the food system works in Ayurveda you can work with what the kid is leaning towards (in qualities) and find alternatives.  If they are addiction to sweet, for example, then look at various forms of grounding foods or at other ways (outside of food) to help them calm their anxiety. Addiction to sugar usually indicates feelings of stress.
  • Focus on habits. Kids will follow their parents if the parents take their food seriously. Sitting down for food is one example - make it fun, remember the point of what you're trying to achieve rather than being a stickler for a certain order, but your consistency will rub off on them.
  • A basic start is to determine whether your kids digestion is hot or cold and when it varies. Just work towards appeasing this part of their food process for a good start.
  • Also associate food with being happy - make sure the parents sit down to eat happy. There are so many emotional issues around food that if there is a space lodged in a kids brain that knows when they eat, it provides a sense of good feelings, then all minor points of ingredients and such can be easily figured out.


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