Circulation and it's beauty effects

Beautiful people radiate, it's when we notice the glow of someone and it draws us in. As a basic let's consider the circulation of each body type and how it can make or break your appearance to others.

VATA - when out of balance, the skin appears greyish and dull. Vata can create an invisible appearance, almost ghostly. Being too dry constricts the channels and stops the luminescent appearance that reflects light when there is enough water in the skin. To remedy you must spice it up and lubricate.

PITTA - can have too much appearance. Rather than a glow they can create a furnace. They look ruddy and hot. On a cold winters day, they look the most alive, but in the Summer they appear "sour". Take bitter herbs to cleanse your liver at this point. It's all about the blood cleanse when the face has become too rosy.

KAPHA - out of balance their dewy complexion can border on being mask-like. Too porcelain. Too shiny. They require a lot of hot and dry spices to flush the excess water away and leave some colour in the cheeks.

Sandra RadjaComment