My friend is on the Ketogenic diet and doesn't eat carbs. This diet causes the body to burn fats over carbs in the body and is mostly used for highly obese people. My friend is not overweight but what a lot of people do (it seems) is look at a particular body part and then find a way to try and reshape that part by the action of reducing without looking to see how it will affect the system overall.

Carbs in Ayurveda are classified by their qualities. Denseness is one of the general attributes of carbs that helps to provide a sense of satisfaction. It's weighted and pulls the system down to earth. It adds bulk, in good ways, like better quality hair and teeth, thicker and more lustrous skin. And importantly, a peaceful mind.

How many people do you know suffer from a sense of dissatisfaction?

Carbs start their digestive process in the mouth through Pytalin, an enzyme responsible for breaking down starch into simple sugars. If we chewed our carbs well we would be on the way to helping the digestive issues some people get from eating carbs. Some folks throw down carbs in a hurry and move quickly from their place of rest into action.  Since the nature of carbs is heavy and dense it requires a substantive process to make the conversion. But when it does, the fuel it provides can be long lasting. And we all need stamina these days, for longer lasting relationships and juggling many ambitions.

The one aspect that is always amusing to me is the new diets make no connection to the habits around food or the lifestyle of the person eating the food. In the world of constant busy and stress, it is important to assess the context of how we are eating as much as what the ingredient offers of itself.

Chew on it. This is a saying we have that reminds us to "break things down slowly" before a final decision. Eating and life decisions can go hand in hand.

Sandra RadjaComment