Sugar and her plea

No sugar they say. 

First there is the situation of the refinement process, which should be under the spotlight vs the actual naturally occurring item. There is sustainable sweet options that do not spike the glycemic index like the refined options. Secondly, when Ayurveda thinks about food it does it in the quantities that the person requires. Western dietetics has determined an average and therefore by the law of averages they may tend to eliminate if the consumption has been too high overall.

An Ayurvedic diet says "it depends on the person" and therefore certain people should never have sugar and some can, in moderation. It is very difficult for someone trained in a Western mind set of averages to look at the individual in question as to their needs. 

  • A Pitta person, full of hot fire and intensity, can take a cool sweet. Medjool dates, sweet ripe fruits such as rockmelon, and maple syrup. There is a reason the summertime sweetens it's fruits to support the scorching sun.
  • Kapha can take old honey which becomes hotter and drier as it ages and helps to scrape the excess water from the system. It's why honey is good for mucousy colds.
  • Vata can take fresh honey as it's warming but not as dry as well as the dates mixed with warm spices. It does better with cooked fruit, like a compote, than raw fruit.

I love that Ayurvedic cookbooks still have dessert options. It's so anti the current climate of sugar avoidance. When you're educated as to what the ingredients do for your body, you get to decide for yourself and become more than a law of averages.

Sandra RadjaComment