Eliminating the mind before sleep

I have a favourite saying when it comes to routine - I like to consider the day as having bookends. Eternity can feel frightening, especially if the current feeling you harbour isn't one that makes you feel great. The human mind does better dealing with just a day.

The one aspect you don't hear much about in the Western medical mindset is one of elimination - it seems that poo is an area disseminated by the holistic set of practitioners. Even anti-depressants do not eliminate depression, they suppress it, as does a lot of medication. When we look at the root cause of something, we consider how it got there, how to avoid it coming back, and it's exit plan.

In terms of mind management, talk therapy has been used in the last hundred-ish years as a means of understanding the root of mind ailments and yet I wonder what they did before, don't you?

When I visited a South Indian doctor for a cold in Cochin, I was curious to her opinion on mind disorders, so I told her I suffered depression. Her remedy? Do alternate nostril breathing. 

Meditation, gentle breathing, calming the mind before sleep is an opportunity to unload the day to avoid carrying it into your sleep. Sleep is a great rejuvenator but only when it's prepared for. The crazier your dreams, the more restless you are, the more the mind is trying to deal with the days impressions rather than rejuvenate. It's similar to eating too much at night and having the digestive system work overtime rather than build immunity.

So, bookends. Each morning you prepare your day by eliminating your bowels (amongst other things). In the evening, prepare to build your immunity by eliminating the thought impressions in the day through meditation.

Without this approach, it's a life of fire fighting. 

Sandra RadjaComment