Celion Dion - her heart will go on

I heard an ad on the radio that she was coming to Melbourne as part of a tour. They played snippets of her songs and it got me thinking.

She's soooo sentimental. Personally it's a little mushy for me, possibly because this dry wit could do with some mushy water logged music (still not sure there..) but what has struck me the most is when you look at Celine doesn't she seem to have a Vata body type to you?

And yet, her music is so watery. So either she is Vata/Kapha which is why she has held out so long and so consistently. She does have a good head of hair on her and her teeth look pretty strong. Her body structure, although fine does seems to have sturdy joints. A beautiful body type for a sustainable artist. 

OR she is mostly a Vata body type and has somehow managed to find the balance she needs in her long standing relationship and the nature of her work. Quite an outstanding achievement if so.

The Vata/Kapha body type is an interesting one since appearances might be deceiving both ways. You might have a scenario like this where you underestimate their sustainability and manifesting ability. Or the other way where someone looks sturdy and possibly overweight but has a severe nervous disorder that presents as a weak and fragile Vikruti.

The computations of Ayurveda are wonderful - 7.6 billion ways to see the world.

Sandra RadjaComment