And now here's the weather!

Today's forecast is Astringent - quite dry and heavy. Those of you relying on some water to feel grounded might feel a little more jumpy today so make sure you plan ahead with public transport so you don't feel too nervous if things don't go to plan.

Forecast ahead is Sweet days - the humidity will soften the mood, so take advantage people and get outside in the early evening. It's a good day for lounging in a park. A very bad day for sitting next to someone sweaty on the Met.

The Winter ahead is Bitter cold, so it will help to ease up the angry drivers on the road, who suffered from the Pungent and Sour days we had last summer. That sharp hot intense heat really created some intense road situations. 

We are expecting a change later in the day when we get the Salty sea breeze starts coming in off the coast. The salty air will calm those anxious folks so take the time to sit outside and relax a little.

Maybe watch the birds.



Sandra RadjaComment