The negative conspiracy

News report of some people getting flu and dying.

"OMG that could happen to me!"

Woman decides she wants to be a movie star and plans on heading to Hollywood (or wherever Netflix originals are filmed these days).

"You're a dreamer, that's a rare thing and happens to one in a million."

Everything is a mindset. Western scientific medicine can harp on all they like about the facts and the truth of their findings but they, like us, are simply a belief system.  There's just more of those thoughts going around, for the moment, to create a societal momentum. 

So the good news is this - you can believe what feels good! Because I guarantee you do not follow upon whether the drugs they did in that blind study of 1000 people is still actually working!!  No one follows up unless there is a major disaster and you hear about class actions.

You can take the drug and it totals works for you because you feel good. You can do some Chinese acupuncture on the side because that feels good. You can oil up your body every morning because once you tried it there was no going back, you felt good.

Do enough feel good things and you'll be off to Hollywood in no time.

Sandra RadjaComment