Why Vata people talk to themselves

"Ok that goes there, but did she sign the form, hang on let me check. Oh yes, now I remember, she did it the last time she was here and there was that mix up. Right, that's done, and yep, ok..."

As I sat waiting for my doctors appointment, the receptionist had a conversation with her screen. I do it sometimes, and as I sat there in the waiting room I had a muse over why some of us Vata folks enjoy talking to ourselves.

Because really it bothers everyone else but us.

They say talking to yourself is a sign of madness. Too right it is. It's excess energy blubbering its way outside the body, like folks that jiggle their legs when they sit still, or twirl their pens. Because pent up nervous energy hurts to store and movement feels comforting.

But I have an extra angle to it - talking makes it feel like it's real. It's a frightening thing to be constantly forgetful, to be that person walking over to your desk and then forgetting why you went over there. Talking it out makes it feel like the universe or someone heard it and therefore it's grounded.

It's not a good sign, of course, and should be an indication that you're building up too much movement in the nervous system. So yeah, get your oil on and such.

Quiet can't be forced, it kind of just lands there. No matter what anyone says you won't be able to just stop talking, because it will feel like repression. Do other things to ground yourself and just notice the amount of self talking on the side reduce.

Side note - A big hug to you readers. Just want to say I am so appreciative of your small notes of gratitude and sometimes confusion. I love it all. x

Sandra RadjaComment