Ego and it's part in the philosophy of Ayurveda

Ayurveda considers the ego to be of value. It allows the host to step away from itself as observer of the observed. To dissipate your ego without understanding the nature of yourself potentially leaves you at the manipulation of another - and that's an interesting dilemma (insert potential cult behaviour).

The Bhagavad Gita discourse gives us an insight into the nature of the ego - it is eloquently pictured as a chariot harnessing the 5 senses. Ultimately in Ayurveda, we see the senses as either that which pulls you outward in a direction, or, that which is being pulled back to centre.

The classic yoga version of ego that we often talk about is the first one, the sense misdirection. Ayurveda likes the second version whereby the host uses the senses to gain a deeper relationship with nature through creating  diet and lifestyle in tune with your own nature. The two become so intertwined that a lack of resistance starts to form. 

And lack of resistance allows greater relationship to source, and flow with Dharma.

We like ego. We encourage individuality. We reckon that to have a healthy ego means you are connected to your insides and you accept only those impressions that make you feel wonderful - irrespective of marketing, food fads or peer pressure.

Sandra RadjaComment