Savasana - the dip into your pure ethereal gorgeous comfortable state

Savasana - that pose that most yoga newbies rush up from. I used to moan in frustration at having to wait for it to end. Sivananda yoga, the lineage I was trained at, put the main savasana at the beginning and in between the poses because they noticed their NYC students leaving the room at the end of class, when it was supposed to happen.

We are a bunch of crazy fools. Here's a gift to us from the Gods and an EASY one at that to tap into our restful allowing state and we overlap it with the mundane.

Here's a story into my first real savasana that changed my whole life. 

I had worked hard in the middle of Tamil Nadu in an orphanage. It was the most expansive and difficult time I had experienced in a long time. My heart was broken open. At the end I gave myself the gift of beach time in south Goa to let it all process. I arrived wired and twitchy.

On about day 3 I decided to hang out in the hammock near our beach huts in the afternoon. Whilst in there, I fell into a zombie like state. I couldn't move. I could hear the people talking and moving around me, but I was stupefied. I couldn't speak out or move my limbs. After wrestling with that state for some time I just let go and stayed there for what ended up being 4 hours!!!

When I finally came to, I remained quiet for days. I would just sit and watched the world go by. I was 32 and it was the first time in my life I knew what it was to let the day unfold. I made no decisions and everything got done.

I carried this state with me for the rest of my Indian adventure which took me to so many magical encounters and eventually to work as the financial controller for a Tibetan Buddhist non-profit in New Mexico - a connection to a land I will forever be in love with.

I understand what they mean by the divine connection as being a homecoming - even writing this I feel a pain at having deviated from it for so long. 

At the end of yoga class we get a chance to practise the "drop" - which is allowing the body to let go whilst the mind is still conscious. Yoga Nidra uses this technique to remove resistance from the body. They say we are whole and perfect but the business is to let ourselves be.

Dear Yoga teachers, please leave more room for the rest. Yoga students, please dive into this pose like a gateway into a magical world. It's not the end of the class, it's the beginning of the next chapter.



Sandra RadjaComment