The Ayurvedic meal

is 4ish hours long.

There you are putting some food in your mouth. The active ezymes are bouncing about ready to start breaking down. The pace of your mind will control how long the food sits in there for.  If you're an edgy person, you will try and gulp large morsels to fill the empty space. If you're endless chill, then the tempo will be slower and the sheer delight in the taste of the food will light up areas of the brain SATISFIED SATISFIED. 

The food forms a large bolus. If you're an edgy person you might feel the heaviness hit you, gas, bloating - the system sending up bubbles of distress. You're eating too fast or it's too much at once or a bad food combination.  If you're endless chill, then you can breathe comfortably into your belly. The body relaxes and you feel fine. There is no food baby. There is no distressing bubble warnings.

As the food refines over the hours it finishes it's journey as tissue or discarded as stool. If you're an edgy person, parts of the food got stuck on the way down and started to ferment and turn an icky horrible greyish foul smell and colour. If you're endless chill, then the stool will be as satisfying as the meal - a good "plop" with clean sides, minimal wipe.

Endless chill.

Sandra RadjaComment