Happy chefs makes happy bellies

Ayurveda believes that food carries energy, it carries your intentions, which is why we're big proponents of cooking for yourself (assuming your energy is happy) or having someone that loves you cook for you (not the "I love you but am mean to you" kind but makes you smile kind).

In a cafe setting do you know what day the chef is having that's cooking for you in your local?

Here's a way to find out - 

I purposely choose cafes by walking into them and feeling out the vibe before I sit down.

I would encourage the same. Go in and just stand there for a moment and get a sense as to how comfortable you feel. Look at the faces of the patronisers, look at the waiters. You don't need to see the cook yourself. If you're sensitive you will sense the vibe. Try and look beyond the artisan fanfare for YOUR reality of the situation. It's irrelevant as to whether it's a truth (ie don't post crappy reviews on social media...) in terms of your digestion.

Then test it, see how you feel post meal.

Fun right?

Sandra RadjaComment