The Ayurvedic safety net

It's really hard to make lifestyle changes when you're miserable. When you're in pain the world looks broken everywhere. And it's a tricky thing to convince a person that there is a pain free existence on the other side.

Bah humbug.

I have observed this. The greatest healing comes from a strong curiosity and willingness to move through the current feeling. Where does that come from? Who knows. Sometimes I feel it's only grace that offers us a window just one day, for some reason, that we will want to improve our status.

It is the most frustrating feeling to intellectually know what we need to do to make ourselves feel better and the gap between that and actually doing the work.

A suggestion in this situation is this - is there one positive habit that you think you could hold onto? No matter how small the habit is. Just one. Because if you hold onto that one small action - you cannot get worse than where you're at. It's a lifeline floating in the ocean until you float into shore.

The other side of the coin is the net us practitioners cast with each other. You may have received a fully cooked client that takes off with any suggestion you offer. You may be at the beginning of their understanding and they will see a few others before they are ready to fly. It doesn't matter - just as long as the client knows they have never failed, they just came into shore and bounced out again. But when they come back in the next time - there is always one of us ready to continue the work.

Sandra RadjaComment