The Ayurvedic labelling system

We ask you to find your unique talent and then ascribe a label of Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Seems contradictory. And it's something that we, as practitioners  (and yoga teachers), need to be careful with. The educated Western mind considers disease as a labelling system - it's the same mind viewing a new word.

The Ayurvedic labelling system, as I see it, is this - it is a catalyst between the human and it's environment. If we describe both aspects in the same language, then there is the potential for collaboration.

Ayurveda describes duality. It also promotes the middle way (the secret Buddha way out of duality). So within it's model is an acknowledgment of what is and how to get out of what is.


The labelling system has a golden ticket embedded within it's seams that magically appears when you're ready to discard the ups and downs of this world and be closer to God. By that I mean, through your regular routine you have created such a strong relationship with the message that comes from your inner world, you are moved to act when required. 

It can look like this - you walk into a grocery store and notice yourself pulled in directions of certain vegetables via your senses. You might get the word "sweet potato" appear in your mind. You may have been sent a recipe from a friend that visually hit the spot.  When the senses are refined and clear, you don't need to make intellectual decisions about what to eat. Until then, it's a case of pulling out the food guide, listening to your Ayurvedic practitioner ( ahem... :) ) and rolling your finger down the list.

I think it's nice to know that there's freedom  if you just keep going.


Sandra RadjaComment