Kapha must routinely make themselves uncomfortable

Cities may be fast and furious but you can disappear into a man (made) hole quite easily. I think of the streets as grooves mirroring your brain - you tend to find your little paths (home, work, groceries, social) and stick to them. You know what they say, if you really want to know your city, ask a tourist.

The Kapha personality will feel comfortable in these grooves more than the other two, and due to their heavy stance, will trudge a depth in the ground that will be hard to fill (with the cheap road building material they use these days). Their tendency is to make themselves apparent on earth.

Therefore. It is wise for this type to routinely make yourself uncomfortable. Being off kilter, awkward, outside the box are things that the Kapha cousin, Vata, can teach them. 

The best thing you can do for yourself this week, Kapha friend, is to choose the path not taken, even if it's the next street over. Do everything a bit different.

ps A side note on Vata, however, is that in their determination to balance themselves they, too, can also create such a rigidity that they also get stuck. It's worth noting that fear can freeze you still.  It is worth noting the difference between stubborn and fear. 


Sandra RadjaComment