Coriander / Cilantro allergy

I have no explanation for this. Should you, please advise.

I have recently found out people can have a cilantro/coriander allergy. We use this herb for it's cooling energy in Ayurveda, to REDUCE inflammation. It somehow does the opposite effect.


Dr Lad tells a story about a man that came to him in India citing awful pains and fever when it turned 4pm every day. Every day, on the dot, at 4pm, he would get the same symptoms. 

He had gone to many doctors about this issue and none could help. Dr Lad told the man, "Yes! it is very serious and we need to check you into the hospital immediately".

After lunch the man usually took a nap. During this time Dr Lad changed the clocks to 4.10pm and gently woke the man. He noticed the time.

"It's a miracle Dr Lad, you have cured me!"

Everything is real that we believe.

Sandra RadjaComment