Female balding

I've noticed a few women lately with quite severe thinning. I wanted to make some points to consider in this area (outside of heredity or "out of the ordinary" issues).

In Ayurveda we consider the hair is fed through the bones, which is kept healthy through the absorption part of the digestive process., controlled by Vata dosha. Anytime you get gas you will be obstructing this process. Ensure that you are eliminating healthy stools and there are no rough pockets or food bits left over. The teeth marks on the edge of your tongue will give you an idea if you're absorbing the nutrients from your food. Also eat food from good soil for the minerals.

Another important issue is Pitta dosha. When there is excessive Pitta and it goes the wrong way to the head (like the steam blowing from the ears in the cartoons) then you are literally burning off the follicles. Heat that doesn't get processed right may rise and try and escape the wrong way especially if the body is not hydrated right, and especially if you're a thinker and that area is used a lot . Vata may also be a culprit in not providing a strong elimination (downward motion) process. (See above).

A lot of information, to summarise - 

  •  Sort your digestive system out if you have gas. This is the beginning.
  • Make sure you're going to the toilet each day and it's a healthy stool - no rough edges or undigested food.
  • Routine, routine, routine for Vata dosha (and to sort out hormones - they are Pitta in nature which require consistent movement).
  • Ensure your Pitta is not making your head hot. Find a way to cool heated emotions. Speak to a practitioner if you need to clear your liver, which stores heated emotions. Rest to calm the air rising.



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