You will never be fixed

"Progress is never permanent, will always be threatened, must be redoubled, restated, and re-imagined if it is to survive." Zadie Smith

Prakruti is your inherent state - unless your faith is so hard rock and you know the workings of your inner and outer world and your place in it, you are subject to time and it's distortion on your sense of permanence.

If you align with this world you will always be changing.

The only way to keep that balance is to change alongside it. You will most likely be in a permanent state of Vikruti and you can either dance with it, or try and wrench it from your mind and body. You can try and not be human.

Here's a pro tip - it's not about fixing anything, it's about closing the gap between a change in your state and the awareness to adjust the protocol to re-balance it.

The secret is the seeing, not the fixing.

(inspiration taken from my weekly Brain Pickings email on the essay of Zadie Smith on Optimism and Despair).

Love, Sandra@a+W

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