What state are you reading your horoscope from?

We usually seek out the bigger picture when our smaller picture looks stuck or unsatisfactory. It's easier to cope with a momentary glitch when there is potential across yonder. Having your charts read, and from a qualified balanced individual, can be a refreshing perspective pulling you up from the trees into the forest. If you find a good reader I recommend it.

But take note - most of us seek this kind of information out when we feel desperate. Most of us seek an Ayurvedic practitioner out when we're desperate. It's unfortunate because both do so much better when it's taken from a preventative measure than feeling hopeless.

The reason is that open ended word perspective. To be preventative means you can participate actively in the positive. To be reactive means you're waiting for the magic pill, which is a shame. 

A friend told me she was an Earth dog and since it's the year of the dog per Chinese horoscope she was told she was going to have a "bad" year. I asked her what "bad" meant and she couldn't say. To tell someone that they are going to have a bad year shows up the reader as stuck in their own Vikruti. To offer up that kind of power of suggestion without the transformative aspect of the purpose of the "bad", and to a vulnerable mind, is a little bit self fulfilling prophecy. 

I personally hope she forgets she was told that and lives her life well. I'll make sure to remind her of all the positive in her life.

Love, Sandra@a+W

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