Rose coloured glasses

I think we are probably most in the habit of accepting we may be thinking wrong about something. A couple's counselling session will be one point of view vs another point of view. Your mediator will help one person see the other persons point of view.

Or will they? 

Ever considered how you actually "see" things? We consider the eyes a sub dosha of Pitta. A function of Pitta is to help up to see. One of my favourite Dr Lad recommendations (because he's a poet first and foremost), is for people with acne to avoid looking at themselves in the mirror because of the self judgement that comes from how you "see", meaning that you have too much Pitta in your vision.

It's partly why Pitta folks are quite partial to things of beauty - it's therapy for them.

We tend to put rose water in the eyes to clear the heat. Imagine if you consciously softened your gaze and then looked at yourself from this vista. 

This is a practical way to love yourself. 

Love, Sandra@a+W

Sandra RadjaComment