God poetry

I just had a great religious discussion with a friend. And he brought out a perspective that I think is pretty cool. I'm calling it God poetry because it seems we've been trying to break down the religious literal word so damn hard it's making us feel ever more separated.

And I think the idea of religion is to bring us  together.

The point of Ayurveda is the very same thing - that you feel separate from the real source of you, so separate we give the thing names, and we set up research centres and create organisations to 'gofundme' for it, and we create social structures based on whether the thing can be stitched up just long enough until we leave this mortal coil.

Being playful with a visual to make a point.

To Ayurveda, disease is a separation from spirit. If your religion is working, then you should be feeling more centred in yourself. And more connected to all others.

If not, maybe it's too literal.

Love, Sandra @a+W

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